Quality Control

Because quality is important to you, our customer, it is very important to us. We strive to insure that every part that leaves our facility to a customer meets the required industry standard as prescribed by your drawing. We document and maintain on file accessible records of quality.


1 ea.  Scherr-Tumico Quadra-Check 2000 Optical

Comparator with digital readout

1 ea   Numerex CMM, 15” x 18” x 10”

3 ea.  Granite Surface Plates

1 ea.  Rockwell Hardness Tester

1 ea.  Brown & Sharp Height Gage

1 ea.  Brown & Sharp .0005” & .0001” Dial Indicators

2 ea.  Mitutoyo Precision Gage Block Sets

range from .050” to 4.0”

1 ea.  Mitutoyo Internal Micrometer Set

range from .275” to 8.0”

1 ea.  Gage Pin Set, range from .011” to .500”

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Quality System


K & M Tool & Die, Inc. (K&M) accepts responsibility to verify that the latest copies of all applicable drawings and specifications are available to, and fully understood by all personnel in our organization responsible for assuring compliance with the stated specifications. If copies are not in our possession, or when clarification and /or interpretation is required, we accept responsibility to obtain the necessary information through the appropriate engineer / buyer.


K & M shall submit with each delivery, Certification of Compliance with regards to the material used to fulfill product requirements. Adequate records will be kept which may include, but not limited to: receiving inspection, material certifications, etc. Any changes or material substitutions will be subject to vendor approval which will be recorded and maintained on file. Any surplus materials will be identified by marking / stamping / color coding to prevent use of incorrect materials from in-house. K & M will use designated areas to assure traceability and accessibility for review.


K & M shall provide inspection and test facilities and equipment adequate for effective measurement of the product to assure conformance to specification. All measuring and test equipment, including production tools and fixtures used as a medium of inspection, shall be calibrated prior to use, and at established intervals, to ensure ongoing accuracy. Calibration shall be in accordance with recognized measurement standards and be traceable to related control records. These records are to be maintained, listing date, identification, results of the last and dates of the next scheduled calibration point.


During the manufacturing cycle, K & M will apply specific and effective controls sufficient to meet required specifications, reduce variation, document inspection, and maintain identity of materials throughout the process. Among these controls, but not limited to:

    1. Written Processing Inspection – Instructions readily available to and understood by appropriate personnel.
    2. Routine In-Process Inspection – Inspection adequate to maintain continuous control will be exercised. Test results indicating on-going process control are documented for review by appropriate personnel.
    3. Non-Conforming Materials – Any non-conforming materials detected during / after processing will be clearly identified as such and promptly removed from normal production channels and placed in a designated area.


K & M Tool is fully responsible for outgoing product standards and must verify and document that our product conforms to all customer specifications. Control of outgoing product quality can be demonstrated by any one or more of the following statements:

  1. Final inspection utilizing either 100% inspection or an appropriate, earlier agreed upon by both parties involved, statistically valid, acceptable number.
  2. Upon final inspection, a “Supplier Inspection Report” will be completed to record inspection and test results.
  3. Acceptance of product by sampling does not relieve K & M of the responsibility that all parts must conform to required specifications. Documentation / Records verifying acceptable outgoing product quality will be maintained for a period of no longer than seven (7) years from the date of shipment. When requested, this Documentation / Reports can be included in shipments to the receiving customer quality department.


If, and when, nonconformance is detected, K & M accepts the responsibility to immediately determine the extent of the problem and take prompt action to correct the condition and prevent shipment of all nonconforming materials. All nonconforming materials will be diverted from normal material channels and must be positively identified and held in a designated area to prevent use. K & M will immediately notify the appropriate personnel and indicate if there are any suspect quality problems in shipments already released, the method used to identify suspect parts, and the corrective action necessary to eliminate the quality problem in future shipments. When correction of nonconforming material requires special salvage operations, prior approval will be obtained, and, when necessary, samples will be submitted for approval.

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