Tool & Die / Conventional Machining

To be able to provide our customers with the best of all services, K&M Tool & Die, Inc. continues to maintain expertise in tool making and conventional machining. Our manual lathe and milling areas are well equipped with a range of capabilities to meet our customers machining needs as well as other miscellaneous operations and services as listed below.


1 ea.  Clausing Colchester 15” x 50”, digital readout

2 ea.  Clausing Colchester 17” x 80”

1 ea.  Clausing Colchester 21” x 100” gap bed

1 ea.  Broadbent-Schofield, 34” x 120” gap bed, Engine Lathe

Lathe Accessories: Four-jaw & Six-jaw chucks, Taper attachment, Follow rest, Steady rest, Collet attachment, Face plates, Metric threading capability, Tool post grinder attachment

Milling Machines:

4 ea.  Bridgeport 12” x 48”

1 ea.  Chevalier 14” x 50”

Mill Accessories: Digital readouts, Rotary tables, Indexing heads, Right angle attachments, Boring heads, Jig grinder

1 ea   Supermax, Horizontal Mill, 12” x 32” x 19”


1 ea.  Morrison  1-1/4” Keyseater, 3/16” to 1-1/4” x 9” lg. keyway capacity

1 ea.  Journeyman Vertical Bandsaw

1 ea.  Kalamazoo Horizontal Cutoff Saw 10” O.D. capacity

1 ea   Siloma JSC, Automatic Bandsaw 15-3/4” – Round Capacity

2 ea.  Drillpresses

1 ea.  Heat Treating Furnace 12” x 24”, 2200 deg F capacity

1 ea.  Cooley Box Draw Furnace 24”w x 36”dp x 18”h

1 ea.  Empire Glass Beader

1 ea.  Electroarc Tap Disintegrator

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